Michel-Pouliot Gaspé Airport

Gaspé's municipal airport facilitates travelling for the general public and for business people, and is thus an essential part of maintaining and developing the regional community. Located less than a few kilometers from our industrial parks, the downtown area, as well as sea and rail transportation, Gaspé's airport is a focal point that receives 21,000 passengers every year.


Furthermore, an amount of nearly $500,000 was granted for purchasing heavy machinery, so the Town of Gaspé now boasts airport infrastructure that has all the latest technology:

* Landing strip measuring 4500 feet by 150 feet 
* Newly renovated air terminal
* Weather station
* Acoustic bird frightening device
* New baggage inspection system
* Airlines with fixed flight schedules
* Car rentals
* Gas: 100 L .L. and Jet A-1
* Flight control equipment (NDB, VOR, LOC, ARCAL)

In 1998, ownership of the Gaspé airport was transferred from Transport Canada to the Town of Gaspé . All operating costs are paid for by the users and the citizens. The annual operational budget for the airport comes to $1,2 million.


Téléphone numbers : 418 368-2104 #8514

Flight reservation:418 368-7097

Gas: 418 361-2496 or 418 368-4379

Car rental: 418 368-1541

Réalisation : Azentic | Management system : Apdev