The mission of the financial department of the Town of Gaspé is to see to all financial activities all the while respecting the orientations of the Town Council in a matter of equity and transparency, all in accordance with the laws and by-laws.

The goal is to counsel the many municipal services and to provide all the financial information for the realization of their respective projects.  The specific activities for this department are: 

  • Preparing the annual budget;
  • Preparing the financial statements;
  • Budget control;

  • Emitting payment to suppliers;

  • Emitting and receiving municipal taxes as well as transfer duties;

  • Billing and receiving of other revenues (leases, rents, rights of use, etc.);

  • Permanent financing of by-laws and controlling the municipal debt;

  • Administrating the employees pension plan as well as the collective agreement;

  • Preparing the employees salaries.

Dave Ste-Croix
Directeur des Services administratifs
Téléphone : (418) 368-2104 poste 8514
Télécopieur : (418) 368-4871
Courriel :


Informations : 

(418) 368-2104, poste 8514


Réalisation : Azentic | Management system : Apdev