Recreation and and culture

Our services 

  • Offer sport and cultural activities to our population;
  •  Increase access to recreational and sport facilities in partnership with local organizations;
  • Providing organizations with administrative, technical and financial support; 
  • Provide support and guidance for local development initiatives;
  • Contribute to the enhancement of the general well-being and the quality of life of the citizens.



Recreational and Cultural Events Calendar

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Rental of Recreational Facilities

The Town of Gaspé, in collaboration with Commission scolaire ds Chic-Chocs (schoolboard), Polyvalente C.E.-Pouliot (Gaspé) and Polyvalente Antoine-Bernard (Rivière-au-Renard), offers facilities that can be rented by the public: gymnasiums, concert halls, cafeteria, classrooms. Other facilities such as community centers are also available trough the municipality.


During winter time, the Town of Gaspé offers transportation for young people to different locations and activities such as tube sliding in Rivière-au-Renard, to downtown Gaspé and the Mont-Béchervaise ski center. This service, for people under 20 years old, is free. However, children under 12 years old must be accompagnied by an adult or a 16 and older person.

Registration for Sport and Cultural Activities

Twice a year, in the beginning of semester, you can register to a wide variety of programs and activities. On one date and in one place, (one in Gaspé, one in Rivière-au-Renard), recreational and cultural organizations gather for a “Registration-Blitz” so you can register in the activity of  your choice.

Municipal Library

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Recreational and Culture resources

A wide variety of recreational, cultural and social activities are made available by the presence of more than 200 nonprofit organizations throughout  the territory.

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Please note that this is a non exhaustive list, based upon information provided on a voluntary basis  by the community organizations.  We do our best to validate and update this information regularly.

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The sport complex ( S.A.P.: service de l’activité physique) of the Cépep de la Gaspésie et des îles is one of the main locations for sport activities in Gaspé: indoor swimming pool, fitness room and gymnasiums. An agreement between the Town of Gaspé and the Cépeg also allows the public and organizations to rent facilities such as gymnasiums and outdoor equipment.



The Town of Gaspé has approximatly 200 accredited nonprofit organizations in its territory, involved in sport, outdoor, culture, tourism, community action and local development. 

Financial Assistance

For information about financial assistance programs offered by the Town of Gaspé  click here

Training for Volunteers

The recreational, cultural and local development service can share information about training programs for volunteers and support the realisation of workshops.

Volunteer Recognition

The Town of Gaspé acknowledges the commitment of volunteers working on its territory and highlights their indispensable contribution during the “ Municipality Week” (1st week of June). Grants will be awarded by drawing lots to registered organizations.

For more information about accreditation, financial assistance programs, training and recognition of volunteers, please contact: 

Benoît Tapp
Animateur sport, plein air et loisir
418-368-2104 poste 8531 #8575 aréna de Rivière-au-Renard

Lénie Lacasse

Animatrice loisir et culture
418-368-2104 poste 8524


Olivier Deruelle, directeur
418-368-2104 poste 8523

Benoît Tapp, animateur sport, plein air et loisir
418-368-2104 poste 8531, poste 8575 aréna de Rivière-au-Renard

Lénie Lacasse, animatrice loisir et culture
418-368-2104 poste 8524

Sylvie Roy (septembre à mai), préposée aux arénas
418-368-2104 poste 8573

Programmation Aréna de Gaspé :
418-368-2104 poste 8570

Programmation Aréna de Rivière-au-Renard
418 368-2104, poste 8571

Lucie Giguère, préposée aux bibliothèques
418-368-2104 poste 8603

Sylvie Gauthier, adjointe à la direction
418-368-2104 poste 8523

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