Notice of deposit of te real estate assessment roll for 2024-2025-2026

NOTICE is hereby given, by the undersigned, in accordance with articles 73 and 74.1 of the Act respecting municipal taxation C.Q.L.R, C. F-2.1 that:
·             the real estate assessment roll of the Town of Gaspe for the fiscal years 2024-2025-2026 for the 1st fiscal year beginning January 1st, 2024 was deposited in my office on October 31, 2023;
·             any person interested may examine the roll by contacting Finance department at City Hall during regular business hours at 418-368-2104 ext. 8514 or by email at serv.administratif@ville.gaspe.qc.ca;
·             any person who has in interest in contesting the accuracy, presence or absence of an entry on this real estate assessment roll, in relation to an assessment unit, which he or another person owns, may file an application for review in respect of this roll; 

To be admissible, any application for review must:
·             be submitted before May 1st, 2024;
·             be deposited duly filed at the following location or be sent by registered mail: 

Ville de Gaspé

Services administratifs

25, rue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville

Gaspé (Québec) G4X 2A5 

·             be completed on the form prescribed for this purpose and available at the town of Gaspé web site (ville.gaspe.qc.ca), at the above address and on the website of the Minister of municipal affairs and housing at: 


 ·             be accompanied by the required sum of money for this type of demand by by-law 97-79 of the M.RC. de la Côte-de-Gaspé and applicable to the assessment unit referred to in the request. 

GIVEN at Gaspé, November 23, 2023 

Isabelle Vézina,
Director of Legal Services and Town clerk

Dernière modification le jeudi, 23 novembre 2023